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Welcome to the Schipper Farms!


Schipper Farms is very much a family business. In 1985, we, Harm and Dee Schipper, took over this family farm in the Netherlands. Our crops consisted of outdoor vegetables such as lettuce, leek and herbs, as well as grains, sugar beets and potatoes. In 1996, we moved to Bow Island, Alberta and built a small one acre greenhouse on our newly purchased farm. Over the past two decades the farm and production has continued to expand, and now include also multiple solar panels and broiler chickens.  We work closely with our daughters Lia and Colleen. Since the summer from 2014 we have 2 full time employees to help cover the consistent need for labour. To market some of the greenhouse products, we are a member of the Red Hat Co-op in Redcliff. In 2014 Lia was chosen as Alberta Greenhouse Grower of the year for her enterprising spirit and growing the business into a consumer destination.

A typical day at the farm starts when the sun rises. We harvest the crops, pack produce for market and tend to the crops, as well as, a little paper- and computer work. The chickens need their attention every day also. We ship our products a few times a week and are present at the local Farmers Markets. Our goals are to produce a safe, local food product that is healthy for the environment and the consumer.

To give info about normal modern day standards in the agriculture is high on our priority list: We like to be at Aggie days or the Calgary Stampede for the Alberta Chicken Producers . The Saturday before Mothers Day we put on our Yearly Open House, right at our farm. Of course visitors can buy our products then, but for sure they can see our chicken demo,  and do something like planting their own lettuce or taste some of the different Micro Greens that we grow!  At Farmers Markets and in The Co-op stores we especially promote our Micro Greens. Since Micro Greens are a new product group with a tremendous taste and health value, there is  lots to talk about! It helps us also to get first hand info about what customers look for and how to improve the products that we offer .

In the coming years we hope to get more experience with strawberries and bring up their production, extend our supply of herbs, offer a variety of tasty lettuces in more colours and shapes , finalize our own commercial kitchen facility and triple our micro green production.


Enjoy a tour of our strawberry greenhouse,
see the chickens and flowers.
Saturday, May 9, 9am-5pm
Come learn and socialize!