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Flip Flop Flowers

Flip Flop Flowers is based in a part from the greenhouse from Schipper Farms. It is owned by Lia and Colleen Schipper.  Flip Flop Flowers has a small selection of bedding plants in the season from April till June.  We have many hanging baskets available with choices for every taste or age group. Since we are small, we take time to pamper our flowers. If you water the plants proper, we are sure you will enjoy your purchase from our greenhouse a whole long summer season! Some customers like to pick out their flowers already in April or the beginning of May. We offer to take care of the plants till the temperatures outside are favorable, for free! We also like to supply businesses with flower planters. We start their flower pots in our greenhouse to give them a good head start.


Enjoy a tour of our strawberry greenhouse,
see the chickens and flowers.
Saturday, May 9, 9am-5pm
Come learn and socialize!