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The strawberries grown at Schipper Farms are available year round . They all grow hydroponic in pots in the greenhouse off the ground to keep them healthy and clean. This way we can keep them free of pesticides, something our customers really like ( and we too!) . Only ripe berries get picked in protective clamshells, cooled and sold. It is important that we cool the picked berries as soon as possible for shelf life. But since most of them are sold so local, most of them are already eaten within a week. Strawberries taste the best at room temperature. Growing the strawberries on hanging gutters is not only healthy for the fruit, but easy for the people picking as well: No back trouble during the harvest at our place, neither any weeding to do!

We replant our berries in a few times during the year, so the harvest is spread out during the year. Since the greenhouse is heated year round, we can pick berries every week!

You can find our berries at Farmers Markets in Medicine Hat, Bow Island and Taber. Karilyn's Pantry in Bow Island offers them in her (pre-order) store and Medicine Hat's downtown Heartwood Café has our product available also.

And what started as a small strawberry sideline is becoming a much wanted article: Homemade, Certified Jam from our own strawberries! The jams come in 250 or 500 ml jars, available in Strawberry only or delicious fruit mixes with other healthy and if possible local fruits: Strawberry Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Berry Blitz (strawberry/ blueberry), Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry Pineapple. We now even have Marmalade, because it tastes so extremely good and is fun to make. For customers who want or need natural sweeteners jams can also be made with honey or Stevia.


Enjoy a tour of our strawberry greenhouse,
see the chickens and flowers.
Saturday, May 9, 9am-5pm
Come learn and socialize!