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Our lettuce is grown hydroponically. That means that no soil is used . The lettuce grows on rafts on top of a  40 cm deep pool of circulating water. To the water nutrients are added that the plant needs, based on monthly water nutrient samples. Because no soil is used, the lettuce is very clean and tender. It also works out to be a water saving method of growing.  Our standard lettuce is the Butter Lettuce (or butter crunch lettuce).

We grow our own plants from seed.  About 14 till 20 days after seeding, these tiny seedlings are transplanted on the rafts in the back of our pools. From there they slowly get pushed forward when lettuce gets harvested in the front of the pool and the new plants get added in the back again. After 5 till 7 weeks in the pool, the heads are filling in, and the weight and size is right. Then the rafts are lifted out of the pool, the heads carefully taken off, cleaned at the bottom + roots trimmed, packed in a bag or clamshell, depending on the order. Sometimes we ship them bulk packed for use in restaurants. Right away after harvest they get put in our cooler for food safety and shelf life.

Did you know that lettuce can also be used for making lettuce wraps?  Fun!


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