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Micro Greens

This is one of the newest horticultural products. It are small packages with living young plants that are ready to be snipped off in your own kitchen, always fresh!  People add them to salads, put them in wraps or sandwiches, place them as garnish on their plates. Except for having nice leaf shapes and colours, they sure have quite a bit of taste to them!  And Micro Greens have more to them than being pretty and tasty. As young seedlings they bring unique nutrients into your families menu. Element ratio’s in seed are different than those in mature plants. And in this tender young stage, they are not ‘diluted’ with water yet, making them quite a power pack!  For micro greens purpose we seed peas, broccoli, radishes, kale, water cress, tatsoi , mustard and many other varieties in organic soil. We use lots of seed to get lots of plants in a small container. After germination we keep them in our greenhouse where they grow and get their colour. If they are ready, about when the 1st real leaves appear, we pack and ship them. So we only add light and clean water to the plants, no chemicals or fertilizer.

 Being a live product makes it easier to keep them food safe if stored in the fridge ( in contrast to sprouts that are even younger , often grown in the dark and  washed and harvested).  If you are not sold to micro greens because of only the taste and different shapes of them, you sure will be if you look up their specific health benefits in books or on the computer.  Meet Lia, our sales lady, at one of the local Farmers Markets, and she can tell you all about them!

Our personal favorites are the peas, especially in wraps or as decoration on a veggie tray, the water cress on a cheese sandwich and red mustard or radish microgreens in a lettuce salad. The sky is the limit in possibilities with Micro Greens!


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